C.I.P.D……a laughing stock!


The above recently appeared on one of the Linkedin discussion boards after the Referendum Vote on Britain leaving the EU. At first I thought it was a “send up” but then realised it was deadly serious.

What a pathetic response from the CEO of the CIPD* to the referendum result. What did he think was going to happen, people going into work verbally assaulting each other, punch ups between long standing work colleagues, mass demonstrations outside companies?

Has the CIPD ever issued such a diatribe, post any other election, local or national…..I think not.

What we have here is the namby pamby, mealy mouthed, PC nonsense that gives organisations like the CIPD a bad name. No wonder the HR function in many organisations is treated with derision and contempt when they promote this kind of rubbish.

I notice that Mr Cheese whitters on about “safe, secure and valued at work” and that their working environment is “fair, welcoming and tolerant” and yes, wait for it “HR professionals have a key role in supporting this.”

So now, as part of CIPD professional courses all students will do a “Childcare certificate” alongside a “there, there, nothing to worry about certificate” which will equip them deal with such stressful situations like a referendum result.

I suggest Mr Cheese (now that’s a name to conjure with) go and talk to those who served on the front line in Helmand Province, a couple of Firefighters who have been in a burning building or the odd Staff Nurse who has been on duty in A&E on a Saturday night to find out what “safe and secure working conditions” really means.

*CIPD – Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

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