Canal side walk, Wellhouse to Milnsbridge

In keeping with my daily fitness regime (excuse me whilst I have a quiet laugh) I decided to walk from Wellhouse (a hamlet just across the valley) to Milnsbridge along the Huddersfield narrow canal. I set out to walk down to the canal and quickly realised the rain yesterday had made the path very muddy and slippery underfoot.

Not to be outdone, I plowed on regardless, under the railway viaduct and down what was masquerading as a footpath. A couple of inches deep in mud and water in places, my main concern was not to drop my precious Nikon camera.

Eventually I reached the footpath and began my stroll towards Milnsbridge. Given that I have lived in this area for over twenty years I had never done this particular walk, probably because I love the walk to Slaithwaite and then on to Marsden in the opposite direction.

The weather was overcast and light not too brilliant, but it was very warm and made for a very enjoyable canalised walk. What is striking as you walk along is the colours of plants, leaves and even the moss growing on dry stone walls.

Here are a few of the hundred or so photographs I took today.












Photographs (c) Kindadukish (taken with Nikon D5200 18 – 250 lens)



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