This is Goose Leader to all flyers………

The trials and tribulations of an RAF pilot………………………….


This is Goose Leader………


Oh shit, not the geese again…….







On my recent visit to Cumbria I was out one afternoon enjoying the countryside and taking photographs when I heard this tremendous roar in the sky. Skimming the tree tops was an RAF fighter plane, probably on a training flight as they use the Lake District for low flying exercises.

A quick  look in the other direction I could see a flock of geese flying in formation and roughly at the same height as the oncoming jet.

Apparently the lead goose spoke to his fellow flyers and said “this is Goose Leader to all flyers, we have oncoming but we have right of way, so lets just see who blinks first”

I am pleased to say that a crash was averted and the geese continued on their way…..

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