Huddersfield Food & Drink Festival 2016……….under scorching sun!


Today was the third of the four day annual food and drink festival here in Huddersfield and which, has now become an established part of the annual events calendar.


A throng of people enjoying the food……

From relatively modest size a few years ago it has grown into a wonderful extravaganza of food and drink from all four corners of the world.


Would you like ketchup with that………..?

In part it reflects the cultural diversity of Huddersfield and West Yorkshire from the long established Indian sub continent community to the more recent influx of Europeans from such countries as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and other eastern European states.


A feast of flavours

Add to this melting pot refugees and asylum seekers from Somalia, Ethiopia. Iran, Iraq and Kurdistan and it is understandable that we have such a range of national foods represented at the fair.


“Dogs” by the dozen

I paid my first visit last Thursday and it was early and still relatively quiet, so it was an ideal opportunity for me to see all the stalls and get to see the food being prepared in some detail (no fighting my way through a crowd to get a photograph).


A small bowl of paella………

I returned to the fair this morning and by 11.30 the place was “buzzing” with people, mainly made up of families who had come out for the day. There was entertainment laid on for the kids including some very impressive face painting and a magician in one of the tents.


Honesty is the best policy

Virtually every table and bench in the station square was occupied by people eating food and consuming many of the local beers on offer, not to mention the Yorkshire gin stall and a vodka brewed in the UK. Both these stalls seemed to be attracting a good number of people, possibly because of the “free” samples on offer.


Customer looks longingly at the “lime chicken” dish

I tried a beer brewed in Saltaire, which was advertised as a “wheat beer”, but it was a little disappointing and not what I expected, possibly because I am used to the excellent wheat beers from Lithuania (Svyturys and Balta). However, it do go down well with my delicious Malaysian Chicken and Lime dish from the Dapur Malaysian Food Stall, spicy, hot and wonderful rice accompaniment.


Weird but wonderful…… cheese!

My find of the day was the “Black Velvet” cheese made from Cheddar and Charcoal, which I had tried once before in a small restaurant in Pickering, North Yorkshire (thought it was very brave of them to put it on the menu). It looks very odd as it is black in colour and the thought of eating charcoal is a bit weird. However, if you can try it, do so, as it is an excellent cheese………… just have to get over the psychological barrier of eating black cheese!


The master chef prepares to cook

So, whatever your tastes are in food, there is something that is bound to “tickle your taste buds” at the food festival, and better still, the opportunity to try something that you had never even considered before……………


As I came away about 12.30 the station square was packed with people, I suspect there must have been at least a couple of thousand, with even more pouring in to enjoy the afternoon festivities. The beer tents were doing a roaring trade as the temperature soared to around 23c……..and that is hot for the north of England!

DSC_0021 (1).jpg

The fair has become very “spiritual”

All photos (C) Kindadukish 2016

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