Shameful Shami and the virulent anti semitic Labour Party


Shami Chakrabarti, author of a “whitewash” report into antisemitism in the Labour Party, ignored an insider’s reports of problems, it has been claimed.

Josh Simons, a policy adviser to Mr Corbyn, is said to have told Ms Chakrabarti that staff including Seumas Milne, the strategy director, had “at least a blind spot with antisemitism and at worst a wilful disregard for it”.

Mr Corbyn nominated Ms Chakrabarti for a peerage. Both are under pressure to reveal when it was offered.

A friend of Mr Simons told The Sunday Times: “When Josh read the report he was bitterly disappointed. But when Shami’s peerage was confirmed he was angry. He thinks it was a stitch-up.” It is understood that Mr Simons, who has left Mr Corbyn’s office to study at Harvard, accused a Corbyn staffer of referring to a “Jewish conspiracy” and claimed that Mr Milne subjected him to an “inquisition” over whether he was Jewish and his attitudes towards Israel.

The Labour leader’s office said that the allegations were made by a “disgruntled former member of staff” and were “false and part of the campaign against his leadership”.

“Far from disregarding antisemitism, Jeremy Corbyn has taken decisive disciplinary action over allegations of antisemitism, including the suspension of Ken Livingstone. He set up Shami Chakrabarti’s inquiry into antisemitism and other forms of racism, whose recommendations include far reaching changes to the rules and practice of the Labour party.”

What they didn’t say was that ken Livingstone was readmitted to the party almost immediately and that “Shameful Shami” doesn’t think that people should be expelled from the Labour Party permanently for anti-semitic views, but should just get a short suspension and a wrap on the knuckles, then readmitted.”

And to think that this was once a party I supported………………………

Source: The timesonline/2016



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