“Not Vital”…….enigmatic Swiss artist at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park


YSP presents the first major UK exhibition and largest museum project to date by the extraordinary and enigmatic Swiss artist, Not Vital. New works, specially developed for YSP’s indoor and open-air spaces, are shown alongside a selection drawn from the last thirty years of Vital’s career.


The artist’s work is inextricably linked to his native Sent, a tiny village in the lower Engadin valley in the Swiss Alps, yet his practice is crucially fed by a life made rich through global travel and an enduring sense of enquiry and wonder.

IMGP0601 (1).jpg

Most spectacularly, Let 100 Flowers Bloom lie on the Formal Terrace. These lotus buds, made in China from chased steel, appear ready to ripen yet are held permanently in stasis. They refer to Mao Zedong’s 1956 campaign of the same name to encourage opinion about his reforms only subsequently to mete out retribution to those who dared criticise him.


I had never heard of this artist before my visit today and I had mixed feelings about some of his sculptures, bland is the word I would perhaps use. However, it was the “Let 100 flowers bloom” that made a real impression and is quite breathtaking when you first come across it in the open air.


As always, the YSP is a wondrous place to just walk around and now that the lake has been refilled with water the view is even better.


The park is such a beautiful colour of green at the moment and the wild plants alongside the lake and the stream are a cornucopia of colour. Add to that the wildlife, this morning I saw several herons, Canada geese and ducks with family entourage in tow. And to think that this is provided free as there is no entry charge………..we are very lucky to have such a sculpture park on our doorstep here in West Yorkshire.

Photographs (c) Kindadukish


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