Spot the female conductor at the Berlin Philharmonic (2016 / 17)


logo.pngAs autumn slowly approaches thoughts turn for many music fans to the programmes of the various symphony orchestras in cities around the world. Usually by late September  / early October the music seasons have commenced and those of us deprived of our weekly concerts throughout the summer can start planning our visits by scanning the music programmes that can now usually be found on line.


As it so happens, I received my programme for the Berlin Philharmonic through the post yesterday, along with seven day free access to the various programmes in the digital concert hall, and for which I am very grateful.

I began reading the 2016 / 2017 programme this morning and thought that there were some interesting as well as esoteric programmes. However, one thing struck me and that is there is not one female guest conducting this coming season, not a single one!


Are the Berlin Philharmonic still peddling the line that there is no woman of “musical stature” who can conduct them, if not, why the lack of ANY female conductor? Perhaps they are not aware that women have taken up conducting, and been successful. See the photograph above to just remind them that there are female conductors operating in the music world.

It would seem that the Berlin Phil are reverting to type and can give the Vienna Philharmonic a run in the discrimination stakes, although the Berlin Phil have at least admitted women to the ranks of the orchestra, and non Europeans too! (are you listening over in Vienna).

And I thought the classical music world of symphony orchestras were making progress on this vexed issue of lack of opportunities for women……………..


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