Skipton……….gateway to the Yorkshire Dales (and a cracking farm shop)

The route of the Leeds – Liverpool Canal


As it was such a lovely day last Monday I set off to visit Skipton with the primary aim of taking a walk along the Leeds – Liverpool canal as well as photographing all the narrow boats that converge in the basin virtually in the town centre.



A wrong turning on the outskirts of the town meant I ended up driving towards the town via a circuitous route. Whilst at first this was a bit of a bind it tuned out to be a very fortuitous “wrong turning” as I came across the “Keelham Kitchen”, an out-of-town farm shop (a very big one) selling meat, fruit / vegetables and a particularly wonderful selection of Yorkshire beers.


Canal basin at Skipton

If you are a “foodie” this is like an Aladdin’s cave with a wonderful choice of meats, green groceries, preserves and beer / wine. To top this they have an excellent café serving good strong cappuccino and the best bacon and egg sarnie I have tasted in many a year, and with proper king size slices of white bread, none of this poncy southern stuff here!


Leisurely tourist trip………..

After refreshments I moved on Skipton, parked up and began my exploration of the town centre, which was a hive of activity with tourists and locals visiting the open market.


Skills training for trainee bargee!

The canal basin was a hive of activity with tourists filling boat after boat for both short and long trips along the canal. Tied up along the canal side were numerous boats, many with lovely artistic designs on them and which made fascinating viewing.


Well it was Monday and that means “washday”

A walk along the canal side is very therapeutic and one can fully understand the attraction of piloting one of these boats along the waterway as it seems so laid back and relaxing………..and of course everyone gives you a wave as they pass you.


Clear the canal………….

Of all the boats I saw my favourite was a large one painted black, with the words “chillin’ machine” painted on the side……… looked very cool and a little “Darth Vaderish.” It had that “here I come and don’t mess with me” look about it.


If you want a job doing properly, then get a woman to do it!

As the gateway to the magnificent Yorkshire Dales, people travel the length and breadth of the country to visit this charming market town. With its famous 900 year old castle, romantic ruined priory and historic cobbled High Street, Skipton is endlessly rich both in history and outstanding natural beauty.


Collision narrowly averted………”continental drivers”

So, if you fancy a day out then come to Skipton, to see some beautiful countryside, explore the industrial heritage of the glorious north as well as seeing the town itself.

Below is a selection of photographs I took of the lovely artwork and sign writing that bedecks many of the boats that I encountered.








Photographs (c) Kindadukish


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