Citizen watches……awful customer service



In mid July I purchased my first ever Citizen watch from the shopping outlet at Gretna in Scotland.

After wearing it for a while I noticed that the large second finger seemed to go for a couple of minutes then stop, but always in the 12 position. I tried consulting the manual but you need a Masters degree in theoretical physics to understand the instruction booklet.

I tried ringing the shop in Gretna to ask for advice but they seemed to have little or no idea of how to resolve the problem and suggested I contact the Citizen company which I duly did. Firstly I emailed the technical department on the 4 August and after receiving no reply tried e-mailing the sales department on the 7 August.

It is now the 23 August and I have received no reply from either department.  I even posted a couple of comments on the Citizen Facebook page but even that generated no response.

Suffice to say that this will be the last Citizen watch that I will buy.

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2 Responses to Citizen watches……awful customer service

  1. I’ve found if you tweet a company, they tend to be a bit more helpful as the tweets are public.

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  2. kindadukish says:

    Thanks a lot, will bear that in mind for future reference.


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