Grammar Schools, the Labour Party and a stench of hypocrisy…………


Jeremy Corbyn at Grammar School

I have been a lifelong opponent of the old Grammar School system, possibly because I failed the 11+ twice, but thats a long story. So when the recent proposals were announced that the Conservative Government was to re-introduce a new “Grammar School” system I was a little taken aback.

Almost immediately the proposals were leaked there was “hot steam” coming out of Labour Party HQ with words like inequality, privilege, selection, discriminatory (albeit that ANY section process is discriminatory) and men with bulging eyeballs jumping before the cameras to express their outrage at the proposal

So recently at Prime Ministers Question time there was an assumption that Jezza (Jeremy Corbyn to you and I) would put Grammar Schools and selection at the head of his questions for the Prime Minister. However, there was widespread bafflement that Jeremy Corbyn didn’t go with grammar schools as his line of questioning at PMQs.  And if you are an avid follower of Guido Fawkes blog you will be able to work out why the reticence on Corby’s part

Looking at the bunch of reprobates currently leading / running the Labour Party we can draw up the following list:

Jeremy Corbyn – Attended a grammar school. His son went to a grammar school.
John McDonnell – Attended a grammar school.
Seumas Milne –attended public school and Oxford University.  Sent both his son and daughter to grammar schools.
Diane Abbott – Attended a grammar school and sent her son to a private school.
Jon Trickett – Attended a grammar school.
Grahame Morris – Attended a grammar school.
Paul Flynn – Attended a grammar school.
Emily Thornberry however failed her 11 plus (possibly the thickest and stupidist woman in politics)

So on a personal level I do remain opposed to the old section system and probably alwayswill do, but I find the rank hypocrisy emanating from the Labour leadership quite nauseating. Their cry seems to be “you will all send your children to state comprehensives, but we must be allowed to choose where we educate our own children.”

As one well known political commentator put it “the Labour party has become a party preaching the politics of envy and dumbing down.”


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