Canal Walks…….Hebden Bridge to Todmorden


With glorious weather forecast for today I decided to continue with my exploration of the canal paths of West Yorkshire. Todays walk (number four in the series) would be from Hebden Bridge to Todmorden (which can never make its mind up whether it is in Lancashire or Yorkshire, but that is altogether another blog), a distance of about 5 miles.


Canal basin

As you make your way out of Hebden Bridge you notice a significant change in the topography as the canal begins to wind its way along the Calder Valley and the valley slopes right down to the waters edge for much of the journey. On a hot day like today I was grateful that much of the path was shaded by the overhanging trees.


Leaving Hebden Bridge

It was noticeable that the very first signs of autumn are here as leaves are beginning to change in colour and some already drifting down to land in the water.


Stunning greenery canalside

The walk itself is very easy going but odd parts of the canal are blocked off as repairs are carried out to locks and various pathways which were severely damaged in the Boxing day floods which devastated this valley and in particular Hebden Bridge and Sowerby Bridge.


Multi-coloured windows

The last mile and a half of the walk was along the main road into the small town which has a much lower profile than its trendy neighbour Hebden Bridge.


Town Hall, Todmorden

Todmorden, is a small market town with a big industrial history, built on the area’s success in the cotton trade. Located in the heart of The Pennines, Todmorden is blessed with stunning scenery, magnificent architecture, a diverse range of shops, and a thriving art community ensuring that it has plenty to offer any visitor. In 2016 Todmorden also became a Walkers are Welcome Town.


A little wildlife alongside the canal

Todmorden has also been transformed by free food growing on its streets, parks and even its rooftops. Julian Dobson tells the inspiring story of Incredible Edible and how the transformational project is going global  (



After cappuccino at a small cafe and a wander around the town, the town hall is a must see building, I hopped onto a bus to take me back to Hebden Bridge to pick up my car.


Canal side office (available for very modest rent)

Do give the walk a go and enjoy the glorious countryside we are blessed with here in West Yorkshire. Some may say “it is grim up North” but that is a myth we perpetuate to keep our “little bit of heaven” safe from the potential hordes from the South!

Photographs (c) Kindadukish 2016



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4 Responses to Canal Walks…….Hebden Bridge to Todmorden

  1. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog.


  2. Mrs jamieson says:

    How meany miles is it to walk from hebdenbridge to Todmorden


    • kindadukish says:

      The walk is about 5 miles and quite leisurely walking as the route alongside the canal is very flat. We parked our car in Hebden Bridge, did the walk and then got the bus back to Hebden Bridge.


  3. Bywater blog says:

    4.7 miles, I might just try this walk.


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