“Ee, bah gum, its grim up north”…..until you get to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Having lived in West Yorkshire for the best part of twenty-four years I have been a regular visitor to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park at Breton, as it is one of the UKs most beautiful country parks.

Today was a glorious sunny day so I took the opportunity of driving to the park to indulge my ever-increasing interest in photography. My walk took in the grounds around the two centres as well as a stroll around the topside of the lake (now full again with water) where the views back across the lake towards the Emley TV transmitter are quite stunning on days like this.

Below are some of the images I captured today which, I hope reflect the sheer beauty of the park and its many art and sculpture displays………not to mention the animals roaming around.


Peace and tranquility on the lake…………



Looking towards Emley TV mast


It was a long night……………


There are feet……and there are BIG feet!


Is it safe mum?


Off with their heads…….


Part of the exhibition of the work of the artist Not Vital


Even the sheep found it hot


Well you do have to admit it is a fine colour of green


Out of my way…………


Elvis has left the building (try working that one out)



“The Last Supper”…….and no, I don’t get it either


All photographs (c) Kindadukish 2016


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