“Catch”………..a seafood restaurant to savour


There are times when I despair about customer service these days in hotels, bars and restaurants, where casual indifference to the customer seems to be “de rigeur.” Put this alongside portions of food that wouldn’t feed a whelk it leaves me thinking what happened to the days of “substantial food” and value for money.

Last night I went out for a celebration meal at a restaurant we had not tried before, but had been recommended by a friend.


Catch Bistro is situated in West Vale just outside of Halifax and upon walking in there is a nice atmosphere about the place, a sort of cross between a contemporary restaurant and a works dining hall. Seating is spacious and informal and with enough room between tables for a little privacy.

We ordered a sea food platter to share and for my main course I went for the king size battered fish with chips and mushy peas for accompaniments.


When the sea food arrived I could not believe how much food was on the platter and the variety of sea food e.g. calamari, whole king prawns, prawns in a dressing, monkfish, scampi and some battered goujons of white fish (possibly haddock) all with accompanying salad and focaccia bread.

After getting through most of this I was beginning to regret ordering the king size fish for main so I popped to the bar and spoke to the manager who very kindly agreed to serve me a “medium” battered fish.

I managed to finish my medium fish and mushy peas (Manchester caviar) but the chips defeated me, they were beautifully cooked but I was just too full. I accompanied my meal with a bottle of American blonde ale, which was very palatable.

The waitresses who served us were impeccable, a genuine warm smile to greet us and attentive throughout the meal without being over fussy. This is the kind of service that brings customers back, and there is no doubt I shall be back again within the very near future.

You can find the restaurant on the lower level of the newly developed Victoria Mills in West Vale at HX4 8AD.

Get in touch via contact@catchseafood.co.uk / or call 01422310003

Photographs (c) Kindadukish


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