Jezza…..some are born idiots, some achieve idiocy and some have idiocy thrust upon them……meet the man who ticks all three boxes!


Some charming anti-war merchandise on sale at the Momentum* conference in Liverpool (see picture above)…and they wonder why Labours is held in such contempt, even by former supporters like me.. You have an antisemitic leader, a self confessed Marxist as shadow chancellor and a newly appointed peer to the house of lords (Shami the shagger) who wrote a report on antisemitism in the Labour party that was a whitewash.

But to descend to the abuse of those who have served in the armed forces is disgraceful and someone should tell the Hamas loving “great leader” that he would not be walking around free now, but for the bravery of the armed forces in the past. What is that old saying, “some people are born idiots, some achieve idiocy and some have idiocy thrust upon them”……Jezza falls into all three categories!

*Momentum is the group of hardline Cobynistas who are hell bent on destroying any opposition to the “great leader” and resemble in many ways, the Waffen SS.

Source” Guido Fawkes plus personal comment

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