Calais “children” asylum seekers…………..or perhaps not!


The BBC pixilate the faces of these “children”…..I wonder why?

I have listened to two phone in programmes today on the BBC about the so-called “children” who the government is about to admit to Britain to live here. Firstly, Nicki Abdul Campbell was at his sycophantic, mawkish best on pleading the case for the “children” to be admitted. No doubt the three line whip dished out by the BBC high command that all presenters must show sympathy and be non critical of the asylum seekers, was embraced by all and sundry.


The Daily Mail has no such qualms about showing these so called “children”

Jeremy Vine was also at it to day and it was noticeable on both phone ins the tone of the presenters voice to those advocating “let em all in” to those being very critical of the policy. A number of very middle class women seemed to phone into these programmes virtually saying they were ashamed of their country for not giving refuge to these children. Campbell in particular fell over himself to soft soap these people but was less receptive to critics of the policy.


Nor does The Times newspaper seem to have a problem with photographs

The fact that many of these asylum seekers are supposed to be under the age of sixteen but all the evidence is that many are in their middle late twenties does not seem to have registered with the “let em all in” brigade. And as a number of publications asked “why are they all fit young men, where are the women and children, wives and sisters?” The BBC in particular seems to ignore this particular issue.

The fact that the British government want to do health checks to find out the true ages of these asylum seekers has brought out the “bleeding heart liberals” in droves. It is inhumane they say, some have even compared it to the Holocaust and the way Jews were treated…………you do despair at times about the intelligence of some of these people.

I have one question to ask of the do gooders, “the intelligence services have warned that IS is trying to smuggle suicide bombers into European countries disguised as asylum seekers, so when a bomber detonates his vest in London, Manchester or Birmingham and kills numerous people, what explanation will you give to the relatives of those killed for advocating not thoroughly checking those seeking entrance to the UK?”

And of course when Jezza is asked to condemn the killings by islamic nutters he will utter that immortal phrase of his, “I condemn all bombings”………..still, thats what you can expect from a Hamas loving antesemite!


Since I wrote this earlier today some figures have emerged from the Home Office relating to this issue, and after viewing them you will realise the concerns that people have about “so called” children.



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