Lakeside Walk at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park


The view across there lake towards Emley

Yesterday morning was a bit foggy and grey initially but the forecast was for the weather to improve with some sunshine forecast around lunchtime. With this in mind, I set off on the twenty-five minute drive to the park and parked up in West Bretton village.


Lakeside reflections…………..

As I walked the half-mile down to the park I noticed that the cloud had lifted a little but it was still overwhelmingly grey, not the best of light for taking photographs. Still, once has to make the best of conditions so it was “onwards and upwards.”


A glimpse of the mysterious Bretton “gollum”

A brief respite for a good cup of cappuccino in the café set me up for my walk. First I went to see the Kaws exhibition, which has provided me with so much enjoyment over the last six months or so. The Disney type figures are immense in size but have a childlike simplicity to them and they are incredibly popular with children (I observed many selfies being taken during my visit). The exhibition is due to end in a couple of weeks time, so if you haven’t seen them, get your bum down there asap.


Autumn leaves

I then made my way down to the bridge across the lake to get some nice shots. I made my way along the footpath that borders the lake and was greeted with a mass of autumn colours on the trees.


One of the magnificent Kaws exhibits (with very impressed kids looking on)

I have visited the lake many times but have never seen the number of wildfowl I saw yesterday. Great crested grebes, seagulls, mallards, moorhens and several hundred of the eponymous Canada geese, the latter seem to have taken up permanent residence in the park.


Members of the Royal Canadian SGS (Special Goose Squadron)

I took a good number of shots across the lake from different vantage points but also tried photographing leaves to try and capture the vivid autumnal colours, but with variable success. I really need a specialist lens to do full justice with such close up shots.


Withering leaves

By 11.30 the sun had emerged so I found a bench and enjoyed my picnic of cheese sandwiches and coffee, and good Yorkshire air. I completed my walk by traversing the north side of the lake with some wonderful views of the birdlife and still the odd heron in residence on Heron Island.


A leaf delicately balanced a gate

The park was very busy with lots of families (well, it is half term) and it was good to see the park being so popular. As well as local people there are often many visitors from abroad that come to see the magnificent splendour of the park as well as the world class exhibits of art and sculpture. How many places can have a throw away comment like “just follow the path into the field down at the bottom, and you will come across a couple of Henry Moore sculptures!”

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