Arrogant, conceited and patronising university students (or middle class “snowflakes”)!


Scene from a St Hilda’s College workshop on “micro aggression”…………..

An Oxford University college has created a new post to protect working-class students from “microaggressions and classism”. Last week St. Hilda’s College students voted to create the new post of Class Liberation Officer, backing a motion that said working-class students suffered from “microaggressions and classism at university” and needed an officer to support them.

“Insults such as ‘chav’, chav-themed social nights and questions such as ‘why are you wearing Primark?’ can make poor students feel upset and worthless,” one student told The Sunday Times.

According to the newspaper, fighting for the rights of working-class students is the latest fashionable cause to sweep through top UK universities, where the privately educated are disproportionately represented.

King’s College London, Manchester University and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) have all appointed officers to support working-class students.
At St. Hilda’s, the class officer will work alongside four other liberation officers who support and campaign for lesbian and gay students, black students, women and the disabled.

The officer will run “compulsory workshops” during freshers’ week “looking at class discrimination and microaggression, cultural appropriation etc directed at students from a working-class background,” according to students at Oxford.

WTF do these arrogant and patronising middle class “oiks” think they are up to with this kind of action. What make s them think that working class students need “defending?” Unlike the middle class “snowflakes” who need their “safe space” and protection from “micro aggressions” most working class students have been through the “school of hard knocks” and don’t need protecting from such wimps. And the fact that students will have to attend “compulsory” workshops is a bloody joke. Where have these do gooders been all their lives, living in a cocoon of unreality? Any working class student who is patronised in this way should simply retort with “get thyself hence in short jerky movements”…………and then explain to the middle class do gooders what this actually means !

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2 Responses to Arrogant, conceited and patronising university students (or middle class “snowflakes”)!

  1. stoneyfish says:

    Speaking as a kid from a working class background who ended up with a BA from Keble College, Oxford, I have to say that I find these Liberation Officer posts very strange. When I was at Keble (1971-75) issues such as sexism and racism were notable only by their absence. Class differences existed then but the great majority of students, even at Oxford, were from ordinary middle- and working-class families. One or two had the proverbial chip on their shoulders but I find it hard to believe that any student’s studies suffered as a result. I’m sure the groups that created those Liberation Officer posts thought they were necessary, though, and they seem harmless enough.


  2. kindadukish says:

    If these Liberation Officers feel that working class students need protecting the obvious question is “from what?”…….if it is the behaviour of upper class students then surely tackle the cause, not the effect! I suspect that most working class students will greet this action with its well deserved derision.


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