Student “Snowflakes” need protecting!


University students upset by lectures covering “sensitive topics” could be given deadline extensions, exam resits or exemptions from set work to ensure they are not disadvantaged.

Guidance drawn up by Newcastle University warns that students could be so distressed by material dealing with such issues as rape, violence, racism and misogyny that it could affect their academic performance.

If this happened, the case could be referred to a committee of tutors with the power to make “adjustments” to how these students were examined, such as excusing them from completing some of the assessed work.

Academics across the country are already issuing “trigger warnings” to give students advance notice of “sensitive material”, including images in video games, war photography and topless models, as well as discussions of underage sex, homelessness and religion.

While some professors defend their use, others have criticised them for putting pressure on tutors to self-censor what they teach. At Newcastle, English literature students requested trigger warnings for lectures covering “rape, suicide, graphic violence or racism”.

Dennis Hayes, professor of education at Derby University and the director of the campaign group Academics for Academic Freedom, described the guidance as “bureaucratic mollycoddling”.

A Newcastle University spokesman said that the guidance, introduced last year, had not led to any students applying to the committee of tutors in relation to sensitive material.


I do wonder what the world is coming to these days when the poor little “snowflakes” attending our universities in the UK are unable to deal with the realities of life. What do they think they are at university for, to sit in a little protective bubble with the real world that they say they cannot cope with, kept at bay? What is even worse is that there are universities going along with this bullshit in case any of the little darlings get upset. How about a course to “understand the reality of the world” which would include the following:-

Read “The Diary of Ann Frank”

Read Franz Kafkas “The Trial”

Read John Steinbecks “The Grapes of Wrath”

Read Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler

Read Anthong Beevers “Stalingrad”

Read “kl” by Nikolaus Wachsmann

Read The Holocaust by Martin Gilbert

Visit Auschwitz or the Ninth Fort or the Genocide Museum (Vilnius)

When they have done all these things they may perhaps understand that their sanitised little lives are really quite nice and that the chance of being dragged out of bed in the night and shipped off to a concentration camp is somewhat remote, or stood up against a wall and shot for having the temerity to criticise some aspect of the regime of the country.

I do wonder also how they will cope when they enter the world of work and some boss just says “get on with it” you are an adult and expected to cope……….I think it is what is called resilience!

Source: Sunday Times and personal comment

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