Academics offered counselling to cope with stress caused by Brexit vote….”poor little petals”


University academics have been offered counselling to deal with the “stress and anxiety” caused by the Brexit vote. Staff are being urged to attend “wellbeing workshops” and follow guidance to help them cope with feelings of “uncertainty, grief and anger” post-Brexit.

At Nottingham University, half-day “wellbeing workshops” will focus on “enhancing skills for resilience in response to the Brexit decision”. In the sessions academics look at common responses to uncertainty, such as stress and anxiety, and learn techniques to help them feel more in control, including mindfulness.

The staff counselling and psychological support service at Leeds University has compiled a guide to help staff “cope with the change and uncertainty arising from the Brexit vote”. It tells staff they could experience some or all of the stages commonly associated with grief, such as shock, denial, depression and anger.

The guide warns dons against “news addiction”, advising them to manage their exposure to the news, not to have it on all the time and not to check news in the middle of the night: “If you receive a lot of news shocks, your body is likely to experience fear.”

Loss of sleep is pinpointed as one likely effect: “All of this is likely to make us feel more tired than normal . . . Try to eat well, exercise and take rest. Even if you are keen to lobby and campaign, you still need the energy to do so.”

The result of the EU referendum has made abundantly clear the gulf that exists between the intellectuals and the masses; between those with PhDs and those with GNVQs; between those who spend their days in front of a computer and those whose work prevents them from tweeting their every thought.

A poll conducted in the run up to the referendum suggested 90 per cent of academics intended to vote Remain. We now know that the academics who took to social media to declare ‘I don’t know anyone who is voting Leave’ were not exaggerating. In the days since the referendum result was announced, this unfamiliarity with the strange Other – that is, the 52 per cent of the electorate who voted Leave – has brought many academics’ barely concealed contempt for the masses out into the open. According to one professor, Leave supporters are irrational, xenophobic, ignorant Little Englanders.

Not only have many academics become remote from the views of ordinary people, universities are rapidly becoming politically homogenous institutions. Another poll, this time carried out just before the last General Election, showed 46 per cent of British academics intended to vote for Labour and 22 per cent for the Green Party. Higher education now needs to stop and consider the consequences this closed-mindedness might have for scholarship and academic freedom.

No wonder these institutions are producing little leftie “snowflakes” who are incapable of dealing with anything that opposes or contradicts their views. They seek solace in “safe spaces” “trigger warnings” “micro aggressions” and god forbid that anyone speaks against their ideas because if they do they will get “no platformed.”

Sources: The Times/Spiked/ Personal comment

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3 Responses to Academics offered counselling to cope with stress caused by Brexit vote….”poor little petals”

  1. stoneyfish says:

    I can’t see any reason why academics should need counselling to cope with the stress and anxiety caused by the Brexit vote. Time and money devoted to such counselling sessions is wasted, in my opinion. On the other hand you seem to be unfairly disparaging those whose political views are left of centre and I can’t let that pass without comment. Why is it only ‘lefties’ that are ‘close-minded’ and “incapable of dealing with anything that opposes or contradicts them”?


  2. kindadukish says:

    Just examine the politics of the little snowflakes who are implementing all these ideas, they “no platform” anyone who doesn’t agree with them e.g., Milo Yannopoulos and even Germain Greer. These little lefties live in a cocoon of unreality and are in for a hell of a shock when they enter the world of work. I am not saying that “only lefties” can have closed minds,but look at the number of times anyone with non-leftie views is banned. Pro Palestine fine, Israel supporter you will be banned from speaking. Wax lyrical about Venezuela and you will be greeted with open arms, even suggest that Trump may do a reasonable job (I have no idea whether he will or won’t) and you will be howled down and verbally abused. Look at the behaviour of the Corbynistas when attacking Jewish MPs, antisemitism is rife in the Labour party………..but oh, I forgot they have been exonerated by Shami and her whitewash, sorry that should be report.


  3. kindadukish says:

    As an addendum to my previous reply, there is a very interesting article by Matt Ridley in The Times today which you may find interesting


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