More “snowflake students”…….read and weep!


In recent months I have waxed lyrical about many of the pathetic “snowflakes” that seem to inhabit institutions of Higher Education, both in the UK and USA. I get tired of reading about the need for “safe spaces”, “trigger warnings” and “micro aggressions” that many of these snowflakes demand. I shake my head in despair at the apparent lack of resilience in these students or as we put it up North “the lack of bottle”. Anyway I was reading the Sunday Times newspaper on the 18 December 2016 and came across a comment piece by Douglas Murray, Assistant Editor of the Spectator and Associate Editor of the Henry Jackson Society. I think he sums up beautifully how pathetic many of the students are and I print an excerpt from his article below. Doesn’t it make you want to weep?

“A short while ago I was invited to speak on an American campus. The university in question had recently had a particularly extreme example of what has become known as Millennial “snowflakery”. It involved a student who had been admitted to hospital for a week after reading a novel that was part of her course.

It was afterwards claimed that she had been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — a condition apparently triggered by the novel. A lot of American students claim to have PTSD. While I have no doubt that it exists among soldiers, I remain unpersuaded that life in the 21st-century Ivy League is so traumatic that students need to be treated like shell-shocked veterans of war.

Having expected the other students to be as sceptical as me, I was surprised to discover them instead to be almost infinitely sympathetic to the problems raised by the case. Like many of their British counterparts they had, throughout their lives, been encouraged to devote an almost infinite level of significance to their own and others’ feelings.

They had also been persuaded that the universe cared. The tiniest flicker on their emotional dials was expected to have consequences in the world around them. Anyone who has watched Keeping up with the Kardashians on television will know how this looks. It is life as the register and analysis of fleeting and insignificant feelings that any sane person should realise matter to the cosmos not one jot.”

All I can say is that if the future of the world is in the hands of these “snowflakes” then we are in “deep shit.”

Source” Sunday Times Newspaper / Personal Comment

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