Lloyds Bank……..lousy customer service


On the 3 January 2017 I visited  Lloyds Bank in Huddersfield where I have had a business account for about the last eighteen years. The purpose of my visit was to try to obtain copies of my bank statements for the 2016 / 16 tax years as the originals I had been sent had gone astray in an office reorganisation at home. I have no printer at present and could not download on to a USB stick as it would not format.

As I entered the bank I saw the sign which said Business Lounge up stairs, and I vaguely remember visiting the business section once before but years ago. So off I trotted up four flights of stairs, entered the “lounge” and waited to be dealt with. Eventually after knocking on a door a lady came out and asked if she could help. I explained what I needed to which she responded “you will have to go to the general enquiries desk on the ground floor as the business department no longer exists and I am here on my own.” I asked why there was a still a business lounge sign up downstairs and she replied “well it is used for personal banking purposes”……..which really didn’t answer my question.

I thanked her and went down stairs to general enquiries and explained what I needed. I suggested they just access my account details and print the required sheets off. I was then told that as there were about eighteen sheets they could not do this as “the printer couldn’t cope with such a number of sheets.” And yes, you are no doubt as bemused by this as I was. In an era of modern / instant technology Lloyds Bank could not print off eighteen pieces of paper.

The lady said she would “order” the statements and they would be sent to me and that she would wave any charge they normally apply. I did point out that I had been paying bank charges for the best part of eighteen years and this was the first time I had asked for such a favour, but thanked her for her consideration.

Then came the crunch, the statements would take five to seven working days to be sent to me. I asked why so long for such a simple task and all she could offer was “that is the way that the bank does things and the timescale. I smiled and said “please order them and ask they be sent asap”

So the gist of my story is, a major bank cannot print out eighteen sheets of A4 paper in-house, they obviously do not have modern computers and printers, they have to be ordered and will take five to seven working days. I wonder what would happen if they were chasing me for money and I responded “I will respond within ten to fourteen days, as this is the administrative way I do things”………..I suspect they would not be very happy.

And neither am I at such poor customer service!


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3 Responses to Lloyds Bank……..lousy customer service

  1. Ele says:

    I had to check up stuff from my bank dated 2009. They said they cannot see this information, they will pass my request to a special branch that will send me stuff in a week or so. I had to fill in a paper form telling them the keywords to look for in my 2009 statements. I could not see my bank statement for 2009 or earlier in my computer (client since 2000). I also had to pay for the said statement.


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