Excellent customer service…….well done J Sainsbury, RAC and Kwik Fit (all in Huddersfield)

Last night I noticed the warning light in my car indicating low tyre pressure, so this morning I drove to Sainsburys petrol station to fill up with air. Unfortunately, the section with the air pump was cordoned off so I went and parked outside the store and went to do some shopping.


On my return I found that the right back tyre on my car was completely flat, undaunted I searched for my mobile to ring the RAC. It was then I realised that I had left my mobile at home. Off I trudged to customer service in the store and explained my predicament to the lady serving. Without any hesitation she said “use our telephone to ring the RAC” which I duly did. She also took my car details and entered them on the system so if I was delayed for more than a couple of hours I would not get a fine for exceeding a two-hour stay in the car park.


The RAC said someone would be with me within an hour (very reasonable time frame I thought) but within twenty minutes the RAC van arrived and the very helpful gentleman removed my wheel and put the emergency wheel on to get me to the nearest “tyre garage.” He was extremely courteous, couldn’t do enough to help and after fifteen minutes the emergency wheel was on and the old wheel in the boot.


I set off to drive home and happened to see a Kwik Fit tyre depot on the left hand side of the road, so i swiftly turned in, parked the car and went to find the man in charge. A very helpful gentleman came and had a look at my flat tyre and said “it may be damaged and need replacing, but we will take it off and have a proper look.” A short while later he came to find me and said “we can repair the tyre as it is not damaged in any other place other than where the screw went into it.” (could have easily sold me a new tyre but didn’t and thus saved me about £100.00)

Twenty minutes later, my tyre was repaired, back on the car and they had also tested the tyre pressures of all the wheels. Now that is what I call excellent customer care.

So, to all three companies, a big thank you and in particular those individuals who demonstrated that excellent customer care is alive and well in Huddersfield.

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2 Responses to Excellent customer service…….well done J Sainsbury, RAC and Kwik Fit (all in Huddersfield)

  1. mikethepsych says:

    And your football team is doing well too!


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