A foggy day at West Bretton…….

Arrived at the Sculpture Park this morning about 9.40am (traffic in Huddersfield was horrendous) and too my usual route down by the side of the park then around the lake.

The early morning sun was trying to break through the clouds and fog but initially with not a great deal of success. Part of the landscape was shrouded in fog whilst other parts were relatively clear.

The lake had an eerie calm about it as bits of fog and mist hung over the water thus reducing visibility, but even on days like this the lake has a singular beauty about it.

What was also lovely to see was the mass return of the Herons for the breeding season. Many of the birds made numerous sweeps over the island usually carrying twigs and leaves to complete the rebuilding of their nests. Some of the Herons were down by the lakeside and I managed to get within about ten feet of one to take some photographs.

I was hoping that it would take off so that I could get some photographs of it in flight but the damn thing wouldn’t play ball and simply stood erect in the shallow water and reeds. I did try jumping up and down to try to disturb it but is just treated me with the utmost disdain.

Despite the temperature being -1c, it was a glorious morning for a walk followed by a good hot cappuccino and flapjack in the cafe………….ah, the joys of retirement!

Some photographs from today…………………













Photographs (c) Kindadukish 2017

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