The Lake District…….I am beginning to like it!

Over the years I have always had an antipathy towards the Lake District in Cumbria, much preferring the grandeur and beauty of the Yorkshire Dales, which I have visited and enjoyed on many occasions.


The view from Lakeside

However, in the last year or so, I have made several trips to the lakes, ands with each successive visit my appreciation grows for the area. Not least because of the photographic opportunities presented by the majestic landscape of the fells and numerous lakes.


Aboard the steamer “Swan”

As the weather forecast for today was very good, we got up very early and set off for the lake district at about 7.45am and after a one and a half hour drive arrived at Lakeside at the very southern end of Lake Windermere. As luck would have it we were just in time for a trip aboard The Swan steamer, a one hour twenty minute round tip to Bowness.


Approaching Bowness on Windermere

The scenery from the top deck of the boat was spectacular with snow capped peaks in the distant under an azure blue sky. The fact that it was extremely cold on deck did little to deter us, and particularly me in search of photographic opportunities.


A sailors life for me………….

The water on the lake was very calm, visibility was excellent, and the panoramic views on every side were quite staggering at times. On the journey we passed large (very expensive) sailing yachts, speedboats, canoes and many other small craft making the most of a beautiful day.


Across Esthwaite Dale

We arrived back at lakeside in need of refreshment and decamped to the Lakeside Hotel on the shore. It took them 25 minutes to come up with two coffees, and only after I had complained twice about poor service. The coffee and shortbread biscuits were excellent (when they did eventually arrive), but if you are looking for excellent service then give the place a miss.



A short drive north brought us to Esthwaite Water, a small lake which I had never heard of. The view from the shore was a wonder to the eye, the blue of the water, green hillsides and barren but snow topped peaks in the distance…………this is why people come to the Lake District!


Follow your eye…………..

From here a swing left over the hills calling in at Tarn Hows, or The Tarns, which is one of the most visited spots in Lakeland, and in high season can be literally packed with people. It is a beauty spot that must not be missed, yet is not entirely typical of the local landscape, for the tarn is partly artificial, being three tarns joined together in the 19th Century, and most of the trees surrounding it are conifers. The attraction is its sheer beauty, surrounded by thick woodland, and views towards Wetherlam, the Helvellyn range and the Lansdale Pikes.

IMGP1952 (1).jpg

View across Coniston Water

We continued our journey by dropping down to Coniston Water for a leisurely stroll along the northern end of the lake. We looked on in admiration at runners competing in a 14 mile run around the lake.


Over the hill and away we go……….

So, after nearly five hours of travelling around we set off home and arrived back around 4.15pm. So my fascination with the Lake District continues to grow, each trip brings new delights, and I am sure I will be returning there in the not too distant future.

Photographs (c) Kindadukish 2017

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