The Carding Shed…….cafe extraordinaire!


Today I was taken to what is the most unusual cafe that I think I have ever been in. Tucked away down a dirt track in the little hamlet of Hepworth a few miles outside of Huddersfield and close to Holmfirth.


It is called The Carding Shed and despite knowing the eating places and cafes in this area, I had never heard of it. As you approach it down a lengthy drive it is difficult to make out where the cafe is, and it looks as though you are approaching a vintage car repair workshop (which indeed you are!)


After parking the car I wandered towards a small entry door and to my left was a line of vintage cars and car memorabilia by the bucket toad. I entered the small door to be greeted by this enormous room containing more vintage cars, motorcycles, cycles and walls covered in memorabilia and murals. It rather takes your breath away as you wander towards the cafe at the other side of the room.


I sat down at one of the tables and perused the lunch menu, and after careful consideration decided to have a “chip butty” and a cappuccino. Well, I have to confess I was a little taken aback when my chip butty arrived, it was a huge barm cake (Lancashire description) filled with a portion of chips that would have fed half of Huddersfield. I did fear at one point that I wasn’t going to finish it but then Lancastrian pride kicked in and I managed to eat the lot. I heartily recommend the butty, but be hungry if you are going to attempt it.


After finishing my meal I wandered around the cars on display and also visited one of the small boutiques along one side of the cafe. This was a very classy “gentleman’s outfitter” with some wonderful shoes and very cool shirts.


I then wandered back to my car for the short trip back to Huddersfield and I have to confess that my evening meal was much lighter than usual owing to my over indulgence with my chip butty at lunchtime.


I understand from one of the staff that they are moving to a mill in Holmfirth in June 2017, so do Google them and make a point of visiting if you are in the vicinity.(

Photographs (c) Kindadukish 2017

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  1. mikethepsych says:

    Great pix – as always


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