Zepparella……….gender bending heavy rock!

I have always had an aversion to “tribute bands” as they tend to be a poor imitation of the originals, and the idea that they reproduce note for note the original songs really doesn’t do anything for me.

If the original band is no longer around then I would prefer to stick to listening to the original recordings on CD or even on YouTube. It was whilst searching for a performance of “when the levee breaks” by Led Zeppelin (may favourite Zep track) that I came across a performance of the song by a group called “Zepparella” who are a female heavy rock outfit who specialise in the music of Led Zeppelin.

I did think for a moment that perhaps they were of Lithuanian origin and that their name was a corruption of Ceppelini, the national dish (to be avoided at all costs!). But as it turns out they are American and well know on the rock circuit.

So here they are playing “when the levee breaks” and I leave you to make up your own mind about the performance……………but hell, that woman can play the harmonica!

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