Crackpot……..the place to live


Last week on my tour around the various dales I visited some very interesting villages with rather unusual names, like Muker, Keld, Askrigg and Hubberholme. But the one that fascinated me was when I passed a signpost that indicated the village of Crackpot  was one mile away.

Crackpot can be found in Swaledale to the east of Gunnerside and has two parts to its name, both of which occur in a number of other Northern place names. In 1298 it was called Crakepot and derives from the Old English ‘Kraka’, a crow and the Viking word ‘Pot’. A ‘pot’ was usually a cavity or deep hole, often in the bed of a river, but in Crackpot’s case refers to a rift in the limestone.

Because of our tight schedule we were unable to visit the village but it is on my list of “must see” places on my next visit to the dales.

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