Trip Adviser……..the organisation that likes to send begging e-mails!


Over the last several years I have contributed reviews to Trip Adviser about hotels, cities, restaurants and various other touristy things. Whilst I have some reservations about Trip Adviser  I worked on the principle that I would be as honest and objective in my reviews as possible, and if I was critical of something then I would try to explain why.

Some of my reviews have had numerous visits and indications are that people found them useful. So far so good.

Then this morning out of the blue I got an e-mail from Trip Adviser and I quote below from it:-

“Thanks to travellers like you, the TripAdvisor community raised more than $500,000 for refugee crisis relief last December. Today I’m reaching out again because we have another opportunity to make a major impact.

Right now, 65 million refugees – more than half of whom are children — are on a daunting journey. Forced to leave home, they’re searching for safety and shelter, facing greater challenges every day.

TripAdvisor is built on the idea of travellers around the world helping one another. Although refugees aren’t traveling by choice, they’re part of that global community – and right now, they need our help.”

I was incensed when I received this as TA seem to be pushing the UN and EU line that we have a responsibility for these refugees. Well, to start out with I question just how many of these people are genuine refugees as against economic migrants. I find it remarkable that many presenting themselves as refugees are young, fit, well nourished young men………… where are all the women and children they presumably left behind?

We have seen the problems caused in Germany, Sweden, Austria and Denmark by large numbers of so called “refugees” entering the country and failing (some would say unwilling) to adapt to the cultural norms of the countries that offered them sanctuary.

So Trip Adviser, how about using all the money raised to fund research into dementia, cancer, heart disease in the UK, have you ever heard the phrase “look after your own first?” Moreover, we have organisations like McMillan Nurses and locally, Yorkshire Air Ambulance out on the streets asking for donations to provide essential services, this is scandalous.

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  1. mikethepsych says:

    Reblogged this on Mike the Psych's Blog and commented:
    I never trusted Trip Advisor – which is owned by Expedia – after all the bad press about sabotaging rivals with fake reviews etc but this is ridiculous.


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