Berlin Philharmonic……….where are the women?


Every year about this time I receive an e-mail inviting me to look at the forthcoming season of concerts by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. I have visited Berlin and attended one of their concerts and I have made it clear that I consider them the best orchestra in the world.


However, reviewing the seasons programme I notice that there is only one woman guest conductor, namely the Finn, Susanna Malkki (Chief Conductor of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and Principal Guest Conductor of the Los Angelas Philharmonic Orchestra). Above.

Again it would seem that in these “enlightened” times of equality and diversity the Berlin Philharmonic seem to be unable to invite more female conductors to lead them. They seem willing to take chances on young “up and coming” (allegedly) male conductors but less so with young women.

I find it very disappointing the Sir Simon Rattle has not done more to champion young female conductors despite all the good work he has done in Germany with taking music into the community.

I suppose the only saving grace to all this is that it will be one more female conductor than the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra……………..

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