Bluebells along the canal………….



Wellhouse is just north of Slaithwaite

The weather forecast for today was grey skies, overcast with possibly a hint of rain, as it turned out it was blue skies with cotton wool clouds and a bit of a breeze. So taking advantage of the weather I walked from Wellhouse to Slaithwaite along the Huddersfield narrow canal towpath. It is a walk I do quite regularly so am very familiar with the landscape and surroundings.

As I set off I could see clusters of Bluebells on the other bank and a little further along this turned into a carpet of blue. In all the years I have been walking this route I have never seen colour like that seen today.

The opposite bank was awash with the flowers which stretched way up the hillside and provided a feast of colour for the eye.

Other wild flowers were in abundance and it has been many a year since I saw Dandelions in such profusion AND so large. This brought back memories of my childhood when  a gang of us (7 and 8 years olds) would disappear for the day just to roam the fields and woods seeking adventure, none of the “namby pamby” molly coddling that goes on these days with children!

Below are some of the photographs I took on my little walk today………………….












Photographs (c) Kindadukish 2017




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