Canal Walk, Todmorden to Littleborough……………



I had taken a break from my canal walks of late, but I thought that with the improved weather it was time to resume them. The next stage was Todmordern to Littleborough, a distance of just 6 miles, setting off from the bridge / lock in the centre of Todmorden.


The Rochdale Canal crosses the rugged heights of the Pennines from Manchester to Sowerby Bridge. The steep climb means lots of locks ( over 90) and an exhausting but exhilarating journey with stunning views.


The Rochdale Canal re-opened to boats in 2002 after an ambitious volunteer restoration project that brought an end to more than 50 years without through navigation. Obstacles had included two motorways, countless road blockages and a scheme to fill the channel with concrete.



The walk along the towpath is quite gentle with occasional little climbs up to the locks as they ascend the moors to wards deepest darkest Lancashire (a word that can only be uttered under the breath in these here parts!)


I came across the sign that indicates the Lancashire / Yorkshire border on the canal and another small sign commemorating all those who worked on the restoration of the canal, and to whom we should all be eternally grateful.


As you progress the walk you pass old mills, wonderful old houses, lock keepers houses and some stunning countryside. The horses in this particular area seem to spend a lot of time climbing as they wander up and down very steep hillsides. I also came across some exotic pets that people keep, two Emus and a Zebra…………and before you ask, I have no idea!


The walk took around 2.5 hours at a reasonable pace, and this included a short stop for a packed lunch. After a quick wander around Littleborough I made my way back to Todmorden by train, and therein lies a story. The man in the ticket office was very helpful except that he had no idea about train times, the cost of tickets or indeed, which trains stopped at Todmorden (he told me the next train didn’t stop at Todmorden when in fact it did).


Anyway, upon arriving in Todmorden I went to the Co-op cafe for coffee and their version of a Yorkshire Fat Rascal………..which was excellent.


So if you want a pleasant day out, with some wonderful scenery and to see part of our industrial heritage, then I would strongly recommend this particular walk.

Photographs (c) Kindadukish


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