Cheese Rolling Contest 2017

This is the real reason that we in the UK chose to leave the EU. They were threatening to outlaw the traditional annual “cheese rolling” contest on “elf n’ safety” grounds and that the race did not conform to EU policies and procedures and therefore would be banned.

Of course when the EU tried this it became a “red rag to a bull” to us British, as we jealously guard our strange customs and peccadilloes with ferocity.

Already banned by the local council in Gloucester for the last few years it still takes place “unofficially” with thousands gathering to watch the dozens of lunatics hurling themselves down a steep hill in pursuit of a cheese. There have even been participants from America, Canada and parts of Europe……….you never know, it could become an Olympic event!

The conditions underfoot were pretty bad this year after rain, hence numerous participants losing their foothold and plunging headlong down the hill, but they all seemed to bounce quite well.

Inevitably there are the odd injuries, bumps, bruises, the odd dislocation and a few broken bones……….but all willingly endured in the name of tradition.

Long may it continue!

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