The Liberal apology for the cretinous Islamic practices………..


I think the above sums up the attitude and behaviour of leftie liberals who will find any excuse to absolve the followers of a sick perverted ideology of their attitude and behaviour of those of us in the west.

It is time political correctness was kicked into touch and people started calling a spade a spade. We no longer accept that it is a “tiny minority” that seek to do us harm and the next politician or religious leader who says that the atrocities committed are done by people who are not the real followers of islam should get a smack in the mouth (metaphorically of course).

It is time that the hate preachers, imams preaching anti western rhetoric in mosques and madrases are round up and either deported or interned somewhere. There is a war going on, both idealogical and physical, it is time that force was met with real force.

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