Amazon…….pat on the back for customer service


I am the first to complain when customer service is not up to scratch and I thought yesterday that I would have to do battle with Amazon regarding a camera case that I had ordered.

It arrived on the date specified but when I opened the box it contained the camera bad but was missing the carrying strap and the pouch from inside the bag. I immediately went onto the Amazon website to try and contact them regarding a replacement. I have to say that the site is not the easiest to navigate around (my business colleague who orders regularly from them agrees) but eventually I found the page that invited me to “press here” for someone to ring me immediately, or an alternative button which says “ring me in 5 minutes”.


I pressed the “immediately button” and before I could get out of my chair the telephone rang and it was a young lady from an Amazon call centre. I explained the situation (and the fact I was going on holiday in the next few days and needed an immediate replacement) and the young lady apologised for the inconvenience and asked if i could give her a couple of minutes to try and sort things out.

After a few minutes she came back and asked if I would return the case I had been sent (they e-mailed me  pre-paid sticker for the package) and she would arrange for a new complete case to be delivered to me the following day with no charge for the express delivery.

Well I can say that the case arrived at the appointed time and date and I am now very happy customer. So thank you Amazon, and in particular the young lady who signed her e-mail Rea M, you not only met, but exceeded this customers expectation.

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