Muslim women and their hypocrisy……..


There seem to be many muslims who come to the UK (out of choice) as visitors, asylum seekers or economic migrants because they think we are a country worth living in.

Why is it then that when they get here, many of them start to criticise British culture, our values, our freedom of speech, our religious tolerance, our commitment to gender equality and the right to criticise those that we don’t agree with. What also seems to wind these people up is our ability to both laugh at ourselves but also take the piss out of anything and everyone, including religion and politics.

The above poster sums up beautifully the hypocrisy of many female muslims, who are happy to come here, then slag our country off in a way that they would NEVER be allowed to do in their own islamic countries.

And then some people and political commentators wonder why many of us are a little sick of being preached to about “western decadence” or our “poor moral values” by women dressed in all black, who experience freedoms they can only dream about in their own countries, but want to turn us into the repressive model they have just come / escaped from……………defies logic (or at least mine).

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  1. Ele says:

    Amen to that.

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