Banbury and the Oxford Canal

Whilst travelling down to Oxford last week we decided to explore a little of the Oxford canal just north of Banbury. Unfortunately, the road we needed to take was closed off because of “police activity” and so we headed for Banbury centre as the canal goes straight through the town centre.

We parked up next to the canal and began our walk northwards along the canal towpath. One of the things that is particularly appealing is that the council have not cut back the wild flowers growing immediately at the side of the banal bank and so you are flanked by a wide variety of wild flora and fauna as the meander your way along the path.

We walked as far as the first lock where we met an American couple from Seattle who were negotiating the lock in their narrow boat. It is noticeable that it is always the women who are sent to do the manual labour at the locks whilst the men “steer” the canal boat through the lock!

We spent the walk back taking in the wonderful, narrow boats, some beautifully painted, many with herb gardens on the roof and just the occasional “rust bucket” moored up at the canal side.

Occasionally a canal boat would gently chug past us and on a beautiful day as it was, I thought “what better way to spend your leisure time?”

If you are in this neck of the woods do try a ramble along the canal towpath, it is a very relaxing and rewarding experience. Below are a few of the photographs I took on our little walk.

IMGP3994 (1).jpg




Photographs (c) Kindadukish 2017



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