“Mum, I need to wee…….NOW!”


Yesterday I was visiting my local supermarket and was casually ambling along the wines and beers aisle I heard the sound of screaming and screeching emanating from what could only be very young children.

As I turned in to the  next aisle I saw two young children (possible about three years of age or perhaps a little younger) running up and down the aisle, hiding behind stanchions and screaming at each other. Their mother was over at the meat stall selecting products and appeared oblivious to the racket the two kids were making.

Now I am not known for my tolerance (as my wife and daughter regularly remind me) but I thought “just ignore it, finish your shopping and go.” So with this in mind I carried on shopping when the woman and the two kids came past me. The next thing I heard was the kid dressed in the Spiderman outfit (all in one jumpsuit) yelled at the top off his voice “I need to wee” The mother shouted at him “can you wait until I have finished” to which he screamed even louder “I need to wee NOW!”

The mother by this time was pushing a trolley laden with food but she had to abandon it and run out of the store to take the little lad for a wee, I thought it will be entertaining trying to get him out of his spiderman outfit. It did cross my mind that this was some kind of “divine retribution.”

I then paid for my goods and left the store and as I walked back to my car I thought, despite being an avowed atheist, perhaps there is some kind of deity after all…………

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1 Response to “Mum, I need to wee…….NOW!”

  1. Ted says:

    Aah, supermarkets and kids. Divine retribution (indeed) – that’ll teach her to let him wear his Spiderman thing in public. 😀

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