All whites are racist according to black Cambridge student……………….



Cambridge University is investigating remarks by the head of an equality group who claimed “all white people are racist” and praised protesters who clashed violently with police.

Jason Osamede Okundaye, 20, who runs the university students’ Black and Minority Ethnic Campaign, posted the comment on Twitter on Friday night after protests over the death of Rashan Charles turned violent and police were attacked in London.

Tweets from his account encouraged the protesters and claimed that white people had “colonised” the Dalston neighbourhood of east London. Police are also investigating his remarks.

One tweet said: “Watching these middle-class white people despair over black people protesting in their colonised Dalston is absolutely delicious.”

Another read: “ALL white people are racist. White middle class, white working class, white men, white women, white gays, white children they can ALL geddit.”

Of course given that he is of Nigerian stock and that the country has a well known reputation for:-

  • Bribary
  • Corruption
  • Kidnapping
  • Financial scams
  • Internet scams
  • Inter tribal warfare

perhaps we should expect nothing less from such an individual. However, some might accuse me of making sweeping generalisations and stereotyping with my above descriptions. But if he considers it legitimate to class all “white people” as racists I feel imbued to make my comments about Nigerians (said with tongue in cheek).

I will now await a knock on the door from the “thought police” to question me about my post. And if so, I do hope he receives the same “treatment!”

Source: Timesonline/Personal comment
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1 Response to All whites are racist according to black Cambridge student……………….

  1. stoneyfish says:

    I like your tongue-in-cheek response to this story.

    Liked by 1 person

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