Yorkshire Sculpture Park on a glorious August day……………..


Blue skies, cotton wool clouds and a temperature of 18c (that is warm for the UK) meant that a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park was on the cards for today. After parking about a mile from the park and wandering trough several fields (with marvellous views of West Yorkshire) we arrived at the park.


A gentle stroll along a shaded lane to the bridge, afforded wonderful views to both ends of the lake. The flora and fauna this year are exceptional, beautiful colours and a variety of wildlife to boot!


The park was very busy with lots of visitors, particularly young families. This is an ideal place to bring them as they can run free and do all the things kids are supposed to, but often are stopped from doing so in these “risk aversion days.


It doesn’t matter how many times you have visited the park, there is always something new to discover, wildlife to see and people to engage in conversation with, as you amble around the park.


With trusty Pentax K50 in hand, I did my walk taking photographs of anything that took my fancy, panoramic views, shots of the woods and today some of the insect life of the park, notably the butterflies. I shall be moving to another part of the north of England in a few weeks and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is the thing I will miss most………….but I am sure I shall make occasional forays across the border to visit this wonderful place.


Above are some of the photographs I took today, and below a series of photos displaying a very powerful and profound message about art!





Photographs (c) Kindadukish 2017


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  1. mikethepsych says:

    Excellent pix as always!


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