Hardcastle Crags………a farewell walk

This morning I visited one of my favourite walking places (second only to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park), namely Hardcastle Crags, just north of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.

It was a little damp and overcast when I arrived, but undeterred I set off along the riverside trail towards Gibsons Mill taking in the wonderful flora and fauna, and in particular the stunning colours of the trees. The river was fast flowing indicating a fair amount of rain in recent days and underfoot it was a bit treacherous at times. I hung my camera strap around my neck working on the principle that if I fell, at least my camera would have a soft and safe landing on top of me.

Even at 9.45am the place was busy and I am convinced that every dog owner in West Yorkshire had descended on the place. The fact that I loathe and detest dogs does not help…………but hey, I suppose it is a matter of “live and let live”


I had gone to try to catch the early morning light as it lights up the forest and creates wonderful patterns on the leaf lined floor. I spotted several other photography enthusiasts on my walk, obviously with the same thought that I had.

The first part of the walk is from the car park, along the riverside to Gibson Mill (from 1 – 4 on the above map). The second part of the walk is from the mill northwards (with a fairly steep incline along the path) then a trek down a hill to the river to eventually make your way back to the mill (on the map below, the route is 1 – 5 – 2 – 1). The last part of the walk is probably the most impressive, beautiful scenery, a flowing river and the imposing crags towering over each side of the route.


Below are some of the photographs I took today of a place that over the last few years has given me immense pleasure as well as providing me with much-needed exercise.

I shall miss this place when I move to Cheshire in the next few weeks.


Photographs (c) Kindadukish 2107

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3 Responses to Hardcastle Crags………a farewell walk

  1. mikethepsych says:

    Too man dogs everywhere and a nuisance. But great pix as always. When’s the calendar coming out?


  2. Ted says:

    Looks like a good trek. About 5 miles? Dogs–I’ve been places where people are walking their gods as well and you have to watch where your feet are landing. One lady had 8 of the silly things (just one will do…you don’t need a herd).

    Like the fungus festival pic.

    Liked by 1 person

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