Graffiti in Madrid…….art or vandalism?

I have held the view for many years that those cretins (I refuse to call them graffiti artists) who go about spray painting graffiti on buildings that do not belong to them, should be rounded up and strung up from the nearest lamp-post by their feet, and left to rot in the sun, or in the UK the rain.

On my recent trip to Madrid however, there seems to be a move to utilise the talents of these graffiti sprayers by getting them to come up with designs for the shutters that are pulled down at night to protect shop windows. I even saw a school that had designs on their gates at either end of the school.

Below are a sample of the “graffiti art” that I photographed on my ramblings around Madrid, I leave you to make your own mind up about the “art”.














Photographs © Kindadukish 2017

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1 Response to Graffiti in Madrid…….art or vandalism?

  1. mikethepsych says:

    Yes I like the idea of utilising graffiti in this way. It’s the mindless tags and offensive messages that I detest


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