Autumn at the Sculpture park

Took myself off to the Yorkshire Sculpture park this morning was it was such a lovely day, albeit the remnants of Storm Ophelia (who the hell came up with the idea of giving bad weather names?) were still around in the guise of very blustery winds.

Despite this a longish walk around the two lakes was very rewarding, beautiful colours of the tress and an abundance of bird life. I do no think I have ever seen as many Mallards or Canada Geese in residence, and I presume the abundance of sea birds was the result of the storm.   

There is a new exhibition in the Underground Gallery by the Chilean “artist” Alfredo Jaar as well as an outdoor installation by the same artist. To quote the YSP blurb about the artist “Widely regarded as one of the world’s most politically engaging and poetic artists, Alfredo Jaar addresses human trauma and the politics of image-making, creating visually and emotionally stunning works.”

My own view is that it is a load of left-wing “agit prop” with the finger being pointed at the usual suspects, i.e. USA, CIA, the West, United Nations, various European nations. I note that he chooses to focus on these targets but says nothing about the brutal repressive regimes of Soviet Union (or the current Russian regime), China, North Korea, Cambodia, but then that would not fit with his left wing ideals (perhaps someone should introduce him to Jeremy Corbyn, they would make good bedfellows). Still. each to their own and I leave you to make your own mind up once having visited the “exhibition.” All I can say is that after the fabulous Tony Craggs exhibition, this is a massive let down.

On a lighter note, below are some images that I captured today.




Photographs (c) Kindadukish 2017

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2 Responses to Autumn at the Sculpture park

  1. Ted says:

    “All I can say is …. this is a massive let down.” To be honest I find most of these type of places are. Like you say the so called left wingers… who seem to always support those who want to destroy societies. But then that was a purposeful theme during the Cold War to bring down the “West” and the “protesters” haven’t the brains to realize that it’s over. They still seem to be living in the 1950’s-1980’s..sad.


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