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Port Sunlight…… philanthropic industrialists vision

William Hesketh Lever (later Viscount Leverhulme) built Port Sunlight to house the workers at his soap factory, Lever Brothers, which eventually became the global giant, Unilever. The village holds a unique place in the history of urban planning and represents … Continue reading

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Delamere Forest Park………..not that impressed!

Having moved to Cheshire recently I am still in the process of exploring the area and in particular the wonderful countryside. One place that was recommended to me was Delamere Forest Park, a large wood near the town of Frodsham in … Continue reading

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The Trent and Mersey canal freezes over…….

It was mid afternoon with a clear sky and the sun on a downward curve in the West, so I decided to pay a visit to the local canal and do a little bit of exploring. On arriving at the … Continue reading

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It doesn’t snow in Cheshire…………

Come to Cheshire they said, it is much warmer than cold and snowy West Yorkshire. Come to Cheshire they said, it virtually never snows here………….well I have news for you, it bloody well does. After living for 25 years on … Continue reading

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Winter on the Trent Mersey canal…..

Having just moved to Cheshire I took the opportunity of exploring the local canal on a glorious winters day. Many of the trees were still in full autumnal colour and a sight to behold. I came across some volunteers who … Continue reading

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