The Saltscape Trail…………….

My exploration of the Cheshire countryside continues and today I undertook a shortish circular walk (known as the Dragonfly Walk) from the Anderton Boat Lift along what is known locally as the “Saltscape Trail.”


The complete route is 6 miles of beautiful scenery from Anderton Boat lift up to The Lion Saltworks through The Northwich Woodlands. It crosses over into a figure of 8 so there is the option to split the walk into two shorter 3 miles  each named differently, the Dragonfly Trail or the Orchid Trail.

Each trail has been way-marked with attractive posts displaying either a dragonfly or an orchid in different colours as well as interpretation boards situated along the route to educate users of the salt history and significance of the area. It consists of both new and existing paths, together with a brand new wooden bridge with the purpose of crossing over the pipelines to give easy access onto the trail.

Having now completed both walks I would suggest that the Dragonfly Walk is the most rewarding with some beautiful scenery through the woods, and alongside the river a significant amount of wild birdlife, before a short walk back along the canal path to take in the wonderful site of all the narrow boats moored at Anderton Marina. It was along the canal that I got talking to the owner of one of the last working industrial narrow boats that travelled between Liverpool, Birmingham and Stoke.

As it was such a beautiful day I took the opportunity of taking some photographs to try to capture the area, and in particular the early morning sunlight as it started to beat down on the frozen ground and frost covered leaves. It will be an area that I return to on a regular basis I suspect.IMGP6817.jpg



IMGP6860.jpgIMGP6888.jpgIMGP6886 2.jpg


Photographs (c) Kindadukish 2018

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