The British Police……becoming a laughing stock!


The British Police are in danger of becoming a laughing-stock, witness the recent arrest of a 78 year old defending his house against a burglar for stabbing the intruder. He then gets arrested for “suspected murder” before a public outcry makes the police “re-evaluate” their action.

The family of the thug killed then start laying flowers outside of the house where he was killed, with cards saying he was  “a lovely man” and a “better man never walked the earth” (or words to that effect). This is an insult to the family whose house was broken in to and to the local community. So what do the police do?, sweet FA. A senior police officer says that is the flowers are in respect of the “tragedy for the family” of the man killed. No mention of the fact he had broken in to the house armed with a screwdriver!

The police are currently complaining that they are underfunded and do not have enough police officers, but they have time and resources to paint their cars with a rainbow and mince down the promenade in Brighton in support of the “Gay Parade”……….do me a favour!!!

Many police forces now have numerous officers monitoring on-line activity and comments, just in case someone posts something that someone’s takes offence at. Several on line posters have been visited by the police for posting “offensive” material, or as we used to say “a bloody good insult”. Don’t these police idiots realise that SOME THINGS are meant to be offensive!!!!!! But of course the world is now inhabited by “millennial snowflakes” who need “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” about things that may upset them.

Some forces now do not investigate burglaries where there is property stolen under a value of something like £100, and one force admitted that they only respond to burglaries that are committed in houses that have odd numbers on the street…………I weep with despair.

Meanwhile, there are terrorist cells throughout the UK, the vast majority are followers of islam, but the police will not acknowledge that, as in their eyes it would be “discriminatory’. You will recall that the police in South Yorkshire did sweet FA about the gang of asian men grooming and raping young girls in Rotherham. And even Labour MPs got in on the act, Naz Shah MP for Bradford approving and retweeting a comment that “the girls should shut up for the sake of diversity”, of course no action was taken against her for advocating a cover up of the crimes.

The British Police were once held in very high esteem throughout the world, unfortunately, they are now led by senior officers who are more concerned with the “PC agenda” than catching crooks!



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