Rod Liddle tells it like it is………….

Over the last few years various word and phrases have crept into the language and often make me want to weep e.g. selfie. However the one thing that makes me cringe and want to vomit is the phrase “woman/person/man of colour”. How many times at award ceremonies has someone got up and started the acceptance speech with that phrase, usually in a hushed voice and head bowed. But forgive me here but I was under the idea that we were ALL people of colour, we just happen to be different colours. How has this phrase been hijacked by people with dark skin? I even heard British politicians using the phrase recently in a TV interview, but I suppose the old adage is true that “whatever the USA does today, the UK will do tomorrow” and slavishly (oops, am I allowed to say that?) follow this politically correct bullshit!

So, picking up the Sunday Times last weekend I turned to the Rod Liddle column and read his take on this subject, and I confess that I haven’t laughed as much in a long while on his ruminations. So I have taken the liberty of printing the piece in full below, I do hope it brings as big a smile to your face as it did to mine. It is fair to say that Liddle has a knack of saying what many people think but are too scared to say it out loud for fear of being branded racist, sexist or any of the other “isms” that the “left” like to rant about.



I’m declaring Terf war on neologisms – Rod Liddle (Sunday Times)

Hip new words such as “selfie” and “simples” get themselves into the Oxford English Dictionary, to show that the OED is dead with it, daddy-o. But a new study has shown that their tenure in our vocabulary is fleeting and ephemeral. They disappear very quickly. This is good news. Here are some more modern words and phrases that I hope also bite the dust in the near future:

Person of colour As opposed to a wholly transparent human being.

Vibrant When applied to a community, these days almost always means “criminally inclined”.

Vulnerable Current definition is either “a bit thick”, “antisocial” or “not white”.

Hate speech Saying something with which someone else disagrees.

Troll Not a hirsute Norse hobgoblin but simply someone who says something with which someone else disagrees.

Non-binary These days it has no mathematical connotations, it just means “psychologically troubled”.

*****ophobia Trust me, I do not have an irrational fear of Islam. I just have one or two misgivings about it, you know? Ditto, transphobia, homophobia and Cymruphobia.

Terf A sensible woman who knows that the person in the ladies’ toilet with a formidable beard and a slightly weird smile is, actually, of a different sex from her.

Gif I don’t actually know what Gif means but I don’t like it.

Diverse Today means “an area populated entirely by Bangladeshis”.

Community A group of people whom leftie politicians wrongly believe share the same beliefs, aspirations and vulnerability (qv).

Mansplaining The necessary act of explaining stuff to women.


  • Taken from an original article in the Sunday Times dated 22 April 2018


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1 Response to Rod Liddle tells it like it is………….

  1. mikethepsych says:

    My kind of guy. Well done for speaking up against the current virtue-signalling nonsense and misappropriation of our language


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