Toledo, Corpus Christie and the Hanging Lights


Last week I made my third trip to Madrid for a short visit and took the opportunity of revisiting Toledo which is about thirty minutes away by train. I had visited the city last year but on arrival found that it was Corpus Christie Day and the city celebrated the day by a four-hour procession through the old city square. The consequence of this was I did not get to see much of the city primarily because of the massive number of visitors / tourists that day.


I arrived at Toledo Station, surely one of the finest stations in Europe from an architectural point of view, and then watched most of the visitors jump on a tourist bus or into a taxi to travel up to the old walled city. This is a shame because a 10 minute walk takes you along the road to the “moving staircases” which transport you to the top of the hill and into the city. Moreover, you get fantastic views of the city across the river from the bridge, an ideal spot for all aspiring photographers (such as myself).


As I walked into the city square I could see the banners draped over the front of apartments in readiness for the approaching Corpus Christie Day 1918. The main building was awash with colours of the Spanish national flag.


As I wandered down street after street I looked up at the hanging covers suspended above the streets and more spectacularly where the various lights along each street. beautiful in construction and impressive in looks, they were worth the trip alone.


I traversed around the back of the cathedral to be greeted by masses of Japanese tourists who seemed intent on photographing everything that moved, and indeed, everything that didn’t move. Their propensity for taking “selfies” was both staggering and highly amusing (well, to me it was).


I  visited the cathedral cloisters (free entry) to view several tombs and some lovely frescoes which appear in a state of renovation, the little dome itself was exquisite and the colours simply breathtaking.


After a disappointing lunch ( it was allegedly paella, but it was more a case of “spot anything amongst the lukewarm rice”  and I sent it back once!) I slowly made my way back to the station to catch my train back to Madrid. It is worth mentioning that the trains are extremely comfortable with tons of leg room………..British train companies take notice, as they seem to be going the way of the likes of Ryanair and EasyJet in trying to pack as many in as possible and bugger the comfort of the passengers


If you are visiting Madrid do take a detour and get down to Toledo, but a word of advice, book your ticket on-line in advance, rather than deal with the complexities of Spanish booking offices and ticket machines!






Photographs (c) Kindadukish 2018


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