Deer at Dunham……….up close and personal


Last Sunday I went for a walk through the grounds at Dunham Park. It was early and so the place was relatively quiet (lots of fun runners about taking advantage of the nice weather though). Having parked the car I wandered past the lake and towards the front of the imposing country house, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. I have to confess however, that I am not a great fan of touring country houses so always give it a miss.


I then noticed a young deer casually stood about six feet (sorry, but I don’t do foreign money) from me munching away at the grass. I stopped and then approached it a little closer but it just kept on eating, oblivious to my presence. This sometimes happens with the young deer, and indeed in the past I have seen young children holding their hands out for deer to come and eat some food on offer.


Never one to miss an opportunity I took out my camera (still testing new my Canon EOS 200D) and started shooting.


I continued my walk and encountered several groups of deer, some at distance but others very close to the pathways around the park. In the latter case I was again able to approach them and take some photographs without apparently causing them any distress or fear.



They are beautiful animals and the fact I could get so close enabled me to see the lovely coats and markings. The deer were out in numbers so I made the most of my visit to take photographs, as it is not unusual to visit and never see one deer, let alone several groups of them.


Add to all this, the wonderful birdlife to be seen as well as the numerous grey squirrels, the park provides a place of wildlife interest and stunning background scenery.


Since moving to Cheshire, Dunham Park has been my regular place to visit for walks, seeing the wildlife and a wonderful place to take my four year old grandson who is obsessed with building dens near the “Logpile” (the children’s playground).


As much as I like Dunham I don’t think it will ever replace the Yorkshire Sculpture Park at West Bretton in West Yorkshire in my affections, where I spent many days in all seasons photographing the best sculpture park in the world!

Photographs (c) Kindadukish 2018


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