Another Cheshire walk……….the Rawhead Circuit


I continue to explore the rural Cheshire countryside and to this end recently purchased the book “Easy Walks from the Sandstone Trail” by Tony Bowerman* to broaden my knowledge of the area.


Having already completed several walks from the book, yesterday I decided on the “Rawhead circuit” walk, which offers panoramic views from the highest part of the sandstone ridge with rock platforms, cliffs, caves and copper mines.


A quick thirty minute drive down the A49 (from Weaverham) and then onto the A534 then just after the village of Bulkeley a sharp right along a rather narrow lane to bring me to my parking spot.


The walk is extremely rewarding with stunning views and once and for all puts to bed the myth that Cheshire is a “dull flat county”. This walk is uphill and down dale at times, passing through lush green “Amazonian” type forests and close encounters with some very large fearns. There are one or two fairly steep ascents / descents and the footing can be a bit uneven, but it is worth the effort, and after all, the walk is only three miles in length.


As you descend part of the walk you are suddenly, unexpectedly, faced with a large rock escarpment which reminded me of some of my walks in the Peak District.


On this particular walk I was stopping quite regularly to appreciate the views and scenery, and trying to catch the images with my camera. Visibility was not brilliant and there was a haze over the countryside, but you simply make the best of the conditions.


On the final bit of the walk I came across a hedgerow of blackberries, which were ready for picking, the season must be about 3-4 weeks ahead of the normal blackberry picking season. I consumed them last night with a large bowl of raspberries, blueberries and Greek yoghurt! A good start to the season.



Photographs (c) Kindadukish 2018

* Top 10 Walks, easy Walks from the Sandstone Trail – Tony Bowerman (Published by Northern Eye Books)

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  1. Jon Bebbington says:

    A new book on the area is out. “Rawhead “ by Jon Bebbington.

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