Foxes and Fossils revisited (2019)……


Three years ago (in 2016) I wrote a blog about a group I had discovered on YouTube, namely Foxes and Fossils. I had come across them doing a cover of Suite Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby, Still and Nash.

At the time I was of the opinion that no one could ever do justice to this song other than the original group, as it requires exceptionally good harmony singing. Well, as I was to discover I was completely wrong and was blown away by a live performance by the group in a small club.

What was even more remarkable was that the two young ladies singing with the group were just 15 and 16 years of age at the time but sang with such assurance and maturity.

I later discovered they subsequently left the group to continue their high school education and the personnel of the group changed on a number of occasions.

But joy of joys, I recently found another performance on YouTube of the group with the original young ladies back with the band and still singing wonderfully well. Moreover, they happen to be performing Harvest Moon by Neil Young, which just happens to be one of my favourite songs.

I think they have done a wonderful job with this, but give it a listen and make up your own mind.

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4 Responses to Foxes and Fossils revisited (2019)……

  1. Stacy Grant says:

    I too discovered Foxes and Fossils on you tube. The first song I heard was “when you say nothing at all”, and I was hooked. Love this group and am very excited to see the girls back. Beautiful music and perfect harmony!!!

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  2. J Levesque says:

    The first song I heard them sing was Don’t Worry, Baby by the Beach Boys on YT. I fell awestruck to Maggie’s voice. It was love at first song. 🙂

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